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Your first lesson

robin_clio.jpgGetting behind the wheel can be a daunting experience. Rest assured though, your instructor will soon set you at ease. And don't worry – no-one's expecting you to drive off onto a busy road the first time you get behind the wheel.

We will spend most of the time during your first lesson introducing you to the controls of the cars – what all of those controls do and how to use them!  Your instructor will make sure you are in a safe and quiet road before starting.

Once the controls have been introduced, your instructor will help you to actually get the car moving. Initially just a short distance down the road and then to a safe stop. We won't expect you to change gears, navigate or negotiate tricky junctions! Your instructor will introduce the various controls of the car in easy to manage stages. Over time, you will come to use all of the controls in tandem with each other.

Safety First!
Just in case you thought that being in control of a huge chunk of steel hurtling along at speed was a little risky - fear not! Your car will be fitted with dual controls. This means that the instructor has a set of pedals on their side of the car that they can use to take over or help you out if you are struggling. If it looks like you've lost control for a moment, they can bring the car to a stop quickly and safely, and give you time to recover your poise.

So what to expect on your first lesson?

  • The instructor will check your plastic and also the paper part of your licence 
  • Get you to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres
  • Ask you about any previous driving experience,driving tests
  • Drive you somewhere suitable for your ability
  • Familiarize you with the learning car
  • If you are a complete novice give you full instruction
  • If you have previous experience, let you drive for about 20minutes
  • Give you feed back on your drive
  • Provide you with an assessment of lessons required to get you to a mock driving test standard
  • Ask how you feel about the lesson
  • Agree with you the date of your next lesson

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